darkspellmaster: Art from the sequal to Gotham by Gaslight. (Default)
darkspellmaster ([personal profile] darkspellmaster) wrote2013-04-02 02:40 pm

RPGs and where to find them.

I'm still trying to search out RPGs for me to work with. Right now my normal group isn't as busy as they normally would be and I just wish I knew a way to get people happy again on RPing, or even where to find RPs that have anime or illustrated icons vs live actions Pbs. I guess it's just me that seems to enjoy using drawn character icons over a live action actor.

To me it's like...animated PBs have so many designs that allow you to have a number of expressions that Live action icons don't let people have, especially the zany ones.

I guess I just wish I could find a game that suited me in that way.

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